Class d.r.Reporter:

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Known subclasses: dtester.reporter.CursesReporter, dtester.reporter.StreamReporter, dtester.reporter.TapReporter

An abstract base class for all reporters.
Method __init__
Method getDescription
Method getInnerError Undocumented
Method getShortError Undocumented
Method dumpError Undocumented
Method dumpErrors Undocumented
Method harnessFailure Undocumented
def __init__(self, outs=sys.stdout, errs=sys.stderr):
Parametersoutsoutput stream for progress and result information (type: file handle )
errserror stream for reporting errors (type: file handle )
def getDescription(self, suite, attname=None):
Returnsthe test's description or that of one of its methods, i.e. the setUpDescription.
def getInnerError(self, error):
def getShortError(self, error):
def dumpError(self, tname, type, err):
def dumpErrors(self, errors):
def harnessFailure(self):
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